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2012! Resolutions

For 2012 I have decided to do some interesting stuff which I believe will help me as a person improve my life.

One of the things I have come across is that I always say I am going to do something but I never end up doing it or even delay it for a very long time, a prime example of that would be with my current side job at FaceFlow where I said I was going to do the designs but have delayed it for a while now. This is something I really need to improve about my self and this blog will help me do so, if I don’t you guys can bug me, I give you permission.

Other things are:

  • To go to at least 15 events this year to network and learn more things.
  • To gain at least 30,000 likes on
  • To not give up no matter what happens on my company Sticker Munch.
  • Do at least one or two acting gigs. (hobby)
  • Visit california.
  • Also Start a side vlog, it failed last year but lets try again. (why not) 

Ohh and I will post more stuff on here so stay tuned. 

List of Charities!

Here is a list of Charities I have found. People Please Vote via Twitter or Facebook.

1 Happy Birthday = 50P (80¢ USD) to Charity!

Here is what I am going to do: For every individual who says “Happy Birthday” to me in anyway I will donate 50P (80¢ USD) to charity. Limit 500 People. (Max Donation £250 $403 USD)

Charity yet to be chosen (Give Me Suggestions!) 

Of course I dont have the money yet however I will spend my time saving it up and then will submit one cheque of final amount and blog about it. 

My Birthday is: Today! 16th July! I’m 18.

Places to Happy Birthday me:

Twitter: @sufianhassan


—— ENDS 17 July 2011 11:59PM GMT ——

#gadgetshowlive the wait!!!!

#gadgetshowlive the wait!!!!


Sufian Hassan     *07716322077

Sufian Hassan *07716322077

Wtf we have a AT&T office in Slough

Wtf we have a AT&T office in Slough

Empty Train yey!!! All to my self.

Empty Train yey!!! All to my self.

In car on my way to school

In car on my way to school